You just need one recruitment tool

  • Automatic screening of 40.000 skills

  • Case-based skills assessment and verification

  • Automatic behavioral match and candidate feedback

  • ATS with easy candidate management

  • Career page and candidate portal

  • All job ads are searchable on Google Jobs and partner job boards

  • Relevant traffic from active and passive job seekers

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Candidate Sourcing, Screening and Assessment, and Candidate management in one tool

TALNTCAST enables you and your team to attract relevant active and passive jobseekers, focus your resources on the applicants with the highest fit and make unbiased decisions based on a dataset that is over 40% richer than a resume.

TALNTCAST cuts your recruitment time and costs in half, whilst providing a bias-free quality of fit.

  • Intelligent Candidate Sourcing

    Our tech reads your job ad, creates a cast of the ideal candidate, and pushes the job opportunity to professionals on LinkedIn, that matches the unique combination of skills of that cast.

  • Unbiased Screening and Assessment

    The applicant pool is automatically screened and assessed without the influence of age, gender or ethnicity. The results, personality match and case-tested skills, are frontloaded at the beginning of the recruitment process, and the equivalent of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd interview results combined.

  • Process support included

    The job ad comes with a light to-the-point ATS, that will make your hiring teams recruitment journey effective, fair, easy and kind.

This is what others say about us provides us with insights into the candidates' personalities and competencies so early in the hiring process, that we both save time and hire with greater confidence.

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Work more effectively at a lower cost, whilst eliminating bias

TALNTCAST will become the most important tool in your recruitment strategy. It will connect you to active and passive job seekers. Provide you with a rich frontloaded candidate dataset based on tested skills and behavior. Also, the internal ATS holds an abundance of features built to support your team and your candidates to have the most effective, fair, and kind recruitment journey possible.

From50/per user
  • Unlimited job ads

  • Searchability on Google Jobs and partner sites

  • Unlimited automatic personality match & candidate feedback

  • Unlimited Case-based skills assessment and verification

  • Full ATS with team support and easy candidate management

  • Branded career page and candidate portal

  • Relevant traffic from active and passive job seekers

Let us show you how it works

A TALNTCAST job ad will significantly lower your time-2-hire and time-2-sign and enable you to make hiring decisions based on a bias-free dataset that is 40% better than a CV.

Every aspect of TALNTCAST is built to make your recruitment effective and fair and kind.

Meet our team

  • team member Simon Z. Kaczmarek

    Simon Z. Kaczmarek

    Founder & CEO

  • team member Anton Stupak

    Anton Stupak

    Senior Software Developer

  • team member Ryo Ishimaru

    Ryo Ishimaru

    Machine Learning Engineer

  • team member Mathias Madsen

    Mathias Madsen

    Business Development Representative

  • team member Jakob Møller Petersen

    Jakob Møller Petersen

    Head of Investment Risk & Selection, Bankinvest Advisory Board Member

  • team member Lise Andersen Linnebjerg

    Lise Andersen Linnebjerg

    Senior Director - Global Talent Acquisition, Vestas Advisory Board Member

  • team member Jakob Wolter

    Jakob Wolter

    Director of Talent Acquisition, Novo Nordisk Advisory Board Member

  • team member Peter Gyde

    Peter Gyde

    Chief Commercial Officer at Sealand – A Maersk Company Advisory Board Member

  • team member Julie K. Strange

    Julie K. Strange

    CEO Master Danmark A/S Advisory Board Member

  • team member Anders Larsen

    Anders Larsen

    Head of Executive Search, Vestas Advisory Board Member